When you have a back injury, virtually everything you do is painful. Moving, walking, even sleeping becomes more difficult and sometimes even downright debilitating. You just can’t find relief.

When this happens, it’s time to invest in a mattress that will offer your aching back the support it needs. But what exactly is the best mattress for back injuries and pains? Let’s look at your top options:

  • Memory foam – The main thing to look for when you’re having back problems is support: a mattress that will fully support your spine and vertebrae so they can heal properly (and not feel painful all night long.) A memory foam mattress offers just that.
  • Adjustable bed An adjustable bed mattress can also be a great choice, especially if your partner isn’t also experiencing back problems. This way, you can adjust your side to the desired firmness, and your partner can keep the plush, cushiony feel they’re accustomed to.
  • Firm mattress If you don’t opt for either of those, simply look for a firm mattress, one that doesn’t have a lot of give. It should support your pressure points and back without being soft and pliable.

Don’t forget to invest in a new box spring, too. Putting a new mattress on an old, worn-out, and sagging base isn’t going to give you the relief you’re looking for. Always replace the entire set when purchasing a new mattress, especially if you have aches and pains.

Are you on the hunt for the best mattress for back injuries? Then stop by a Parklane Mattresses location today. We have a variety of memory foam, adjustable, and firm mattresses, and you can try each one out for yourself. Plus, our expert team members are here to help you every step of the way. No matter what your preferences, budget, or health conditions, there’s a mattress with our name on it.