Adjustable beds can be a great way to get a completely customized, personalized sleeping surface exactly how you like it. Raise your feet up, lower your back, or raise your head, and get your body in the ideal position before drifting off to sleep. You can even use it to make reading, watching TV, or eating in bed a breeze.

Are you considering getting an adjustable bed to improve your nightly beauty rest? Then here are the two types you can choose from:

  1. Single adjustable – These types of adjustable beds have one large adjustable surface. They can be twin, full, queen, or king, and when any part is adjusted, it adjusts the entire bed, not just one side. This is ideal for a single-person bed, or if you and your partner just happen to like the same sleeping position and level of comfort, it can work for couples as well.
  2. Dual adjustable – Dual adjustable beds are split into two parts, one for each person on the bed. Each section of each side can be adjusted independently of the other, so if you want your feet elevated with your head lower and your partner wants the opposite, you can achieve just those positions in seconds. It’s perfect if you and your significant other have different bed times, or you just like to sleep in different positions.

No matter which type of adjustable bed you choose, one thing is certain: You’ll be more comfortable than ever before. For the first time, you’ll be able to completely customize your mattress, making it the perfect sleeping surface for your exact body and preferences.

Considering an adjustable bed? Then come by a Parklane Mattresses location, and try out one of our adjustable beds today. We’ll even help you get the proper frames, box springs, pillows, and more.