No one likes to think that they might be sharing their bed with hundreds of little insects, but the truth remains that bed bugs are real—not just something your brother told you to scare you at night. If you’re waking up with bites on your arms or legs every morning, there’s a real possibility that you have a bed bug infestation, and it might be time to start looking into getting a new mattress at your local mattress store or through an online mattress store.

One sign to look for when investigating a supposed case of unwanted bed tenants (besides waking up with bites) might be red stains on your mattress or sheets. The red stains are caused by the bed bugs being crushed while you are moving and rolling in bed at night. You might also consider bed bugs to be the culprits if you find a small trail of blackish-looking matter on your sheets. If it is left by bed bugs, the trail is basically dried blood and may turn red again if you apply water to the spots.

Bed bugs are also said to leave a sweet or unusual smell when crushed. The smell is a heavy, sticky-sweet aroma that has been described as smelling of raspberries, rotten fruit, almonds, coriander, and even granola bars. So if you smell an unusual sweet, fruity smell, you’d better check your bed sheets and mattress before you assume your significant other changed the detergent on you.

Last but not least, if you find bed bug exoskeletons or their egg shell products on your bed, it a pretty good assumption that you have some co-sleepers sharing your bed. Checking around pillows, mattress seams, cushions, floor moldings, and baseboards may yield live specimens for complete verification. If the bugs have managed to find a way into your mattress, the best—and in some cases, only—option for completely getting rid of these pests may be to invest in a new mattress at a mattress store like Parklane Mattresses. If you don’t already have problems with bed bugs, consider investing in a bed bug-resistant mattress protector to keep your sleep haven free of these creepy-crawlies!