A recycled mattress has many components that can be used for other purposes, making it a win/win all around.

Buying a new mattress means figuring out what to do with the old one. You might think that the best thing to do would be to donate it, but that isn’t always as easy as it seems. Because mattresses have accumulated years of sweat and dust, many organizations will not take them for sanitary reasons. Although you could throw away the old mattress, that is not a very responsible choice as mattresses take up too much space in landfills. The most socially responsible and eco friendly thing to do would be to recycle your old mattress. A recycled mattress has many components that can be used for other purposes, making it a win/win all around.

Your mattress consists of steel springs and wooden frames, all of which can be utilized in a number of different ways, including new steel components for other furniture, or in the case of the frame, if nothing else, it can be used as firewood. The stuffing too can be repurposed in the interior of a pillow or cushion. Even the fabric and buttons of a mattress, once cleaned, can find new life in reupholstering.

Now that you know what happens to your recycled mattress, how do you go about recycling it? Due to the sheer size and volume, it’s not as though you can simply drop it in a recycling bin. Many mattress stores offer recycling programs where, for a nominal fee, they will pick up your old mattress and transport it to a recycling facility.

At Parklane Mattresses, we are a significant contributor to DR3 Mattress Recycling, a world leader in the recycled mattress industry. For just $25 per piece ($35.00 if you are only recycling and not also purchasing), we will pick up and deliver your old mattress to the DR3 facility. We want to help you make a difference in the environment and are happy to offer this service, even if your new mattress isn’t purchased from our store. Visit us online to learn more about how we take care of your recycled mattress needs.