Snoring’s not fun for anyone. For the snorer, it often means tossing, turning, and less sound sleep overall. For a snorer’s partner, it means loud, distracting noises that can keep them up all night long.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fight snoring and all its unwanted effects: buying the right mattress.

It’s true. The right mattress can decrease chances of snoring and help both the snorer and their partner get a better night’s sleep. But exactly what is the best mattress to sleep on if you’re snorer? For starters, it will be:

  • One that allows you to lay flat, not at an angle or slanted. Sleeping at an angle can put tension on your air passages. This can lead to troubled breathing and in turn, snoring. Make sure your mattress lets you lie completely flat, straight, and supported. If it is super worn down and you can no longer lay flat, it’s time to invest in a new mattress – before it starts to affect your sleep patterns.
  • One that supports your pressure points. In order to fight off snoring, you need good circulation. That means you need a mattress that fully supports your body with all its unique curves, bends, and pressure points. Often, a memory foam mattress is the best choice.
  • One that supports your back and spine. You want your airways completely aligned and open while you sleep if you want to prevent snoring. To achieve this, look for a mattress that gives you full back and spinal support. This will allow you to lay flat on your back, opening those airways and keeping snores at bay.

Are you or is someone you love a snorer? Wondering what is the best mattress to sleep on to prevent it? Then come to Parklane Mattresses today. We’ll help you get that restful night of sleep you’ve been longing for.