Want to go green and do your part to help the earth? Then purchasing an eco friendly mattress is a great place to start. These mattresses are made of sustainable materials that don’t hurt or harm the environment during production. Plus, they’re usually biodegradable, which means that once you’re done with them, they won’t sit in a landfill and impact the environment any further.

Are you considering buying an eco friendly mattress to decrease your carbon footprint? Here are qualities you should look for:

  • All green, natural materials: An eco friendly mattress needs to be 100 percent natural. It shouldn’t have synthetic materials or fibers, and it should use only green, environmentally friendly fabrics, cushions, and linings. A true eco friendly mattress won’t even have springs!
  • Biodegradable: Biodegradability is crucial if you want to go green. You don’t want to dispose of that mattress 10 years from now only to have it sit in a landfill, leaking toxins into the ground. Make sure any eco friendly mattress you buy is completely biodegradable and will naturally decompose over time.
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial: Because eco friendly mattresses use such natural materials, they often boast antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic qualities. That means they won’t aggravate your allergies or hurt your health. After all, a healthier you means a healthier world.
  • Sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturer: The best eco friendly mattresses will come from a manufacturer that doesn’t just use green practices on certain products and models, but values sustainability in every part of the business.

Want to invest in an eco friendly mattresses and do your part to help the environment? Then stop by a Parklane Mattresses location today. We have dozens of green mattresses you can try out, and our expert staff members can help you find the perfect model for your needs and budget.