You’ve probably heard those rumors about mattress life spans, right? That you should replace them every seven years, no matter what? Well, we’re here to put those myths to rest. Sure, some mattresses need replacing after seven years, but others can last much longer. Or in a few cases, you may need to replace it before even hitting the five-year mark.

Truth be told, if you’re wondering when should I buy a new mattress, there’s no hard and fast answer. Mattress life spans rely on a variety of factors, and it truly depends on what type of product you have and how you use it, among other things.
Are you asking yourself when should I buy a new mattress? Here are a few factors to consider:

• Use: Do you use the mattress daily, or is it just a staple in your guest bedroom? Is it only you sleeping on it, or do you share your bed with another person? The more use your mattress gets, the faster it will wear down and need replacing.

• Care: Do you regularly flip and rotate your mattress? Do you clean and vacuum it often? Failing to do these things can speed up wear and tear, and force you to buy a replacement sooner than you’d like.

• Materials: What is your mattress made out of? Memory foam, latex, or just plain cotton? Foam and latex mattresses will stand the test of time better, while less durable fabrics can decline rapidly.

• Quality: Where was the mattress made? In China or here in the U.S.? How much did you pay for it? Was it a brand name product or a generic one? These can all affect a mattress’s life span. In general, American-made, higher-priced, and name brand products will last longer.

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