Before you make an expensive, long-term investment in a mattress, you want to be sure you’re getting the right product first. A great way to do that is by looking at reviews – seeing what past customers thought of certain mattress models and weighing those opinions in light of your own individual needs, sleeping style, and budget.

Unfortunately, since anyone can publish content on the web, it can often be hard to find credible mattress reviews. Many are paid for by marketers, and don’t actually give you a true, unbiased review of the product.

Are you currently on the hunt for a new mattress? Here’s where to find reviews you can trust:

  • On the store’s site. When a customer purchases a mattress online from a store, they’re often given the opportunity to provide feedback. This is usually displayed directly on the product page of the website, and it can give you real insight into the quality of the mattress and its performance.
  • Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that offers unbiased product reviews based on testing, research, ratings, and other criteria. They offer information on virtually every mattress model on the market, and they have lists of all the best mattresses and brands. It’s a great place to start your search.
  • Consumer Affairs. Like Consumer Reports, Consumer Affairs is an advocacy organization designed to protect the consumer through informative reviews, research, and ratings. They offer a whole slew of mattress recommendations.

We proudly display mattress reviews on every single one of our product pages, and each review comes straight from a real-life customer. We don’t buy them out or provide any special treatment, and we ask each customer to give us a rating on a scale of one to five. To see our reviews and find the perfect mattress for your needs, check out our products today.