Ever since it appeared on the market a few years back, memory foam has become an incredibly popular mattress material, and for good reason. Its ability to mold perfectly to the contours of the human body makes it an ideal sleep surface. However, like all products, its quality varies from one manufacturer to the next. That’s why purchasing a discount memory foam mattress can cost you far more than buying a quality one. Here are some specifics:

• Cheaper memory foams wear out quickly. Their internal structure breaks down under weight easily, due to the inferior materials used. You could easily go through four or five “discount” mattresses in the time it would take you to wear out a single one from Parklane.

• Discount mattresses often have an objectionable smell. This can happen with all types of memory foam, but the odor goes away quickly when you buy one from Parklane, if you ever notice it at all. Cheaper alternatives, on the other hand, will retain their stench for weeks or even months. This is due to the overuse of low-quality adhesives in their construction.

• A discount memory foam mattress can turn hard and abrasive over time. This is because they have lower Indentation Load Deflection ratings than better quality ones, so the material loses its loftiness and collapses into a rigid structure with no give.

• Lower quality memory foam contains industrial toxins that are used to make the manufacturing process cheaper and quicker. These poisons stay in the mattress throughout its lifetime and can aggravate allergies, cause breathing problems, and produce skin rashes.

When you look at the facts, it’s clear that cheap, off-brand memory foam mattresses are no bargain. Trust the ones sold by Parklane instead. We use only high-grade products that will give you year after year of supportive, restful sleep, with no hazardous products that can compromise your health. Shop with us today.