3 Best Mattress Options for Older Adults

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As we get older, our bodies begin to change. We experience new aches and pains as our bones and muscles begin to weaken. Because of these changes, the same old mattress you used when you were younger just might not cut it anymore. It may aggravate those aches and pains and make sleeping uncomfortable or even impossible.

When this starts to happen, it’s time to invest in a new mattress, one better suited to your body’s unique needs. But what type of mattress would that be? Here are three of the best mattress choices for older adults:

  1. Memory foam mattresses These are often great choices for aging adults, as they offer much support and joint pain relief, a common complaint among the older generation. These mattresses conform to your exact body shape, so no matter how much your body has changed, you’ll still feel comfortable, supported, and at ease.
  2. Firm mattresses – You want to avoid overly soft or cushiony mattresses as you age. These typically won’t provide the support you need, and they could actually worsen conditions like arthritis pain, back pain, or joint problems. You want something that is strong enough to support your spine all through the night, leaving you feeling rested, energized, and pain-free in the morning.
  3. Latex – Latex is one of the best materials for older adults, as it is very springy, offering support and comfort all in one. Latex mattresses also great if you get sick often, as they are antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic.

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